Do you have a natural green thumb? Have you always wanted to put this skill to use? If so, have you ever considered opening up your own nursery? Nurseries are one of the fastest growing segments of the agriculture industry in the country, making it an ideal choice for anyone with a passion for nature and hard work.

Before you begin applying for loans and starting construction, first ask yourself a few of these key questions that will help your nursery operation succeed:

What kind of nursery do you imagine running?
One of the most important first steps you must take is to determine what kind of plants you intend to grow and sell at your nursery. Do you want to primarily focus on flowers, shrubs and other gardening plants? Maybe you want to grow organic vegetable and fruit plants? Not matter what type of plants you intend to raise, you want to have a clear vision of what kind of operation you intend to run. This will keep you on track for success, so that you don’t get distracted throughout the process.

What is your budget?
This is another key factor you cannot ignore when building up your nursery operation. Calculate a strict budget then make any future decisions based on that figure. This budget will determine how large your greenhouse will be, along with what equipment you use and what help you onboard to assist you in running your nursery.

Who is your market?
While you want to be aware of any potential competition in your area, you also want to pay attention to your community’s trade area. This means that while you might be the only nursery operation in town, if there is no market for your particular goods, you won’t be successful. Meanwhile, if the community isn’t aware of your business, you won’t attract new customers either. Be diligent about reaching out to your ideal customer base from the beginning.

How durable and energy efficient is your building?
When you are planning out exactly how your greenhouse will be constructed, make sure you choose a durable, high-quality covering. You want your greenhouse to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way – from hail to heavy rains to snow. You also want to know what the thermal resistance of your greenhouse is, which will determine its capacity to resist heat flow. To keep your plants thriving and your energy costs down, don’t forget to improve the insulation capacity of your building.

If you are interested in building a nursery operation on your property, or want to invest in land for the first time, be sure to contact a representative from Heritage Land Bank today!