Stake your claim on your very own part of Texas.  Yesterday, the Texas Legislature authorized a long awaited land grab to current Texas residents.  In case you haven’t been tracking the case, over 65,000 acres are available for claim in two western counties and will be in 1 section parcels (640 Acres). The land was willed to the state by the last decedent in a long time Texas ranching family who chose to remain anonymous.  It has been locked in a heated debate and court battle for the past 2 years but will be available on May 15th when claim seekers line up to claim their 640 acre parcel.

Here’s how it works:
The contiguous 65,000 acre estate has been divided into 102 sections (square tracts of 640 acres) which will be available for claim.  At the center of each claim there is a stake with a claim number and document attached. On May 15th at 10:00am participants will begin from 3 separate portions of the claim and race towards the section of their choice on a first come first serve basis. Only 1 claim is available per household. Participants will not be available to ride in motorized vehicles, UTV’s, or ATV’s to reach the claim of their choice; however, horseback riding is actually an option.  There will be a link available here at the TLA website as soon as it’s posted, which will allow for the claim package to be downloaded.  Think it’s too good to be true? That’s because it is, Happy April Fool’s day and God bless Texas!

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