This video is undoubtedly the best video I’ve ever seen outlining the ecology and benefits of a prescribed burn.

As a Texas Landowner, you’ve probably at least considered the value of a prescribed fire. Many of the landowners I’ve worked with over the years who haven’t actually been a part of a prescribed burn are skeptical to say the least. So much liability, too dangerous, and where do you even start? Is it really good for YOUR property in particular or is it better suited for other areas of the state? All are very good questions and concerns.

Many of the State and Federal agencies used to take an active role in helping to plan and sometime execute a prescribed burn; however, now they’ve begun to shed themselves of this role and are now referring landowners elsewhere.

So what do you do?

1. Start by Watching this video- It’s very informative and has some great footage of all types of fire
2. Contact your local or closest prescribed burning association – if they don’t have an association close to you  they’ll certainly be able to show you how to get going.  There are also a ton of resources dedicated to burning on their website.

We’ll cover the details of planning and executing a burn in another post very soon.

Good Luck!

Remember, we’re here to help with any questions that you as a landowner may have.  Ask away at